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Two year olds need appropriate stimulation. They need to be talked to and played with. They need love and attention. And they need the opportunity to form the kind of comfortable, secure relationship with a teacher / caregiver that will advance their healthy development both cognitively and emotionally.

The Two-year-old program at Valparaiso Christian Academy is designed to meet the developmental needs of each individual child. Educational activities, sensory exploration, story time, music, singing, and constant verbalization to foster budding language, literacy and socialization, self-concept and developmental skills are all part of the daily program. Twos classes are equipped with age-appropriate toys and equipment.

VCA offers a safe, caring environment in which twos can begin the path of life-long learning. Our program emphasizes developing a strong self-concept as well as social, intellectual and verbal skills.

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Twos (24 to 36 Months)  

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