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Preschool 3/4

Preschool is an exciting period in a child's development. It is a time when language, social, physical and cognitive skills begin to flourish. Children are learning during every moment of their day, using all of their senses to explore. That is why our goal is to create a safe but thought-provoking environment that will foster your child's natural curiosity to learn.

Our preschool program offers a safe, stimulating environment that will foster your child's language, social, physical and cognitive skills. Your child will enjoy participation in small and large group activities, as well as explore and follow their own interests in a fun and safe way.

Your Child's Teacher
Highly trained and experienced teachers will support your child's learning in all areas by creating a fun environment that is consistent but flexible enough to provide opportunities for them to increase their skills, understanding, and judgment. Our staff is a professional group of teachers whose primary goal is your child's development. All of our lead teachers have a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential issued by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) or a Associate Degree from a accredited college. In addition, our teachers are CPR & First Aid certified and also attend on-going training classes and workshops in child care and early childhood education.
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Our teachers ensure one-on-one time with each child every day and are able to work continuously and consistently with your child. In addition, since each child learns at their own developmental pace, they also facilitate in a way that allows each child to learn independently, 

VCA's preschool program is designed to provide an age-appropriate curriculum for each individual preschooler's stage of development. We offer children a variety of stimulating and educational activities that foster language, social, physical and cognitive development. Throughout the day, classroom teachers expand upon all aspects of an activity that a child is participating in. Colors, animal sounds, familiar objects and names are just some of the areas that are continuously discussed with our preschoolers. 

Your Child's Classroom
Preschoolers require open-ended, hands-on experiences in order to learn effectively. At VCA we offer a comfortable classroom setting with small class sizes and specialized toys and play areas for dramatic play, art, sensory tables, science and circle time for sharing stories/music.

The Parent Board Area Our school has a special area where parents can also read any notes, messages, or find any specific information about our classes that you need to know. Every morning, please check the parent board for new notices and upcoming special events! 

Personal cubby space - Your child will have their own space in which to keep their belongings (i.e. extra clothing, diapers (if needed), a favorite blanket from home, stuffed animal or doll. All glass containers, plastic bags, medications, or otherwise unsafe materials are stored in a safe area designated by the teachers.

Daily Communication
Communication is an essential part of the high-quality care here at Valparaiso Christian Academy. Our center uses a secure high-quality program called ProCare where you will have access to communication with your child's teachers at all times to ask questions, send messages, see what's happening in the classroom, check on things like meals, nap time, diaper changes and potty training and many other important aspects of your child's day

Daily conversations, telephone calls, newsletters, parent/teacher conferences and personalized daily notes are all communication tools used to keep you informed and involved.

You are welcome to call at any time of the day to check in and see how your child is doing or share information too lengthy or private to share during drop-off time.

Yearly Transition
Each of our programs go through a yearly evaluation and transition. At that time your child's emotional, social and cognitive growth is evaluated by reviewing their progress reports and through observations. The Director and staff then take this information into account when deciding the most developmentally appropriate age group for your child to transition into.

Open Door Policy
Valparaiso Christian Academy is a school with an open-door policy. We welcome and encourage visits from parents and guardians whose children are attending the center. We invite you to visit anytime at your convenience. You never need to make an appointment or let us know in advance when you want to visit your child at the school.

              Please call for additional program
                  information and current rates.