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Valparaiso Preschools

     Children are born with a natural curiosity about the world. Valparaiso Christian Academy seeks to feed and foster this curiosity. To achieve this, your child’s emotional, physical, social, cognitive, and creative development are all nurtured by our qualified staff. Our teachers prepare the environment for children to learn through active exploration and integration with materials, the environment, children and adults.

  We strive to help develop children with self-confidence and a strong sense of self direction. Children who feel good about themselves and enjoy what they are doing, make great learners. These active learner’s unique talents will thrive in an environment where children are encouraged to make good choices, experience the arts, and acquire a love of learning. 

  Children can explore activities that allow them to feel, see, taste, hear, touch and understand the world around them. Using a hands-on approach allows your child to be an active participant in the learning process. At the same time, allowing our wonderful teaching staff to integrate traditional academics and guidance into the environment to create a solid educational foundation for a successful future. 

 Valparaiso Christian Academy staff will strive to provide the Highest Quality Childcare and Educational Service that promotes Christian values and also enhances each child’s development, while assuring our parent’s peace of mind in the care and service we render. Valparaiso Christian Academy provides a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate program which fosters active learning, support for the whole child, and a child friendly environment.  

 *We put Christ above all.
 *We foster innovation.
 *We embrace teamwork.
 *We strive for excellence.
 *We respect and support families.
 *We commit to service at all levels.
 *We respect and appreciate diversity.
 *We actively listen and seek to understand.
 *We communicate openly and productively.
 *We use resources creatively and responsibly.
 *We abide by the NAEYC Code of Ethics and Statement of 

Valparaiso Christian Academy’s vision is to be nationally recognized as an outstanding, Christ-centered, childcare provider.


​    Infant - 6 weeks up to 1 year and walking

   Crawlers & Cruisers - Mobile Infants & Ones

   Toddlers 12 to 24 Months 

   Twos - 24 to 36 Months

   Beginning Preschool 3/4


753 N. Calumet Ave., Valparaiso, IN
Private Christian
 Early Learning & 
* Valparaiso  Christian  Academy  is  the only  faith based  
    nonprofit 501(c)(3) early learning facility of it's kind in the
    city of Valparaiso.
Copyright 2011 Valparaiso Christian Academy:  Valparaiso Preschool and Child Care.  All Rights Reserved.
753 N. Calumet Ave., Valparaiso, IN  46383
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